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DescriptionDGT 650 Stereo USB microphoneCompatible with iOS // OS X // WindowsUSB stereo microphoneIntegrated audio interfaceBreakout box THE MOBILE RECORD

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DGT 650 Stereo USB microphone
Compatible with iOS // OS X // Windows
USB stereo microphone
Integrated audio interface
Breakout box


The Austrian engineered DGT 650 defines a new class in the USB microphone segment.
It is a vocal mic, a stereo mic, an instrument mic, and an audio interface.
Record in high-end studio quality at home or on the go.

The four recording modes - All modes feature MIDI input
// Stereo: 90-degree XY stereophony
// Vocal & Instruments: cardioid polar pattern
// Singer / Songwriter: cardioid polar pattern & Hi-Z mono line-in
// Stereo line in


Vocal recording
Unmatched quality - anyplace, anytime
Pure condenser sound captures your voice in studio quality. Perfect for traditional vocal
recording, voiceovers, podcasts, streaming, you name it.

Professional mobile guitar recording
Our breakout box features a dedicated Hi-Z instrument input that enables you to connect
your guitar or bass guitar directly to your DGT 650. Record your licks wherever you are.

Stereo recording - Capture everything
The DGT 650 is perfect for recording concerts, rehearsals, live-sets, acoustic sessions,
choirs, nature, etc.
Life happens in stereo!

Stereo line in
Use the DGT 650 as a two-channel recording interface. Record your synthesizer, mixing console, or any other audio device. Be creative – stay mobile.

Zero-latency monitoring
Professional recording demands proper monitoring functionality. Blend between zero-latency direct- and playback monitoring. This is essential to achieve the best possible performance using your mobile device.

Powerful headphone amp - Never run out of headroom
With our powerful 180 mW headphone amp, you can easily drive any set of studio
headphones so that you will hear every signal loud and clear during production.

Singer-Songwriter mode
The DGT 650 is the perfect companion for the professional singer songwriter who
wants to record vocals and instrument at once, but on separate tracks. The flash of
inspiration can hit you anywhere- capture your ideas in the moment they come!

MIDI input
Use your MIDI device to control your favorite software synthesizers and drum
machines. Start composing – and keep your beat. 


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