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RELOOP Wave 2-vägs aktiv DJ/producent-monitorhögtalare, par Active DJ & Producer Reference Monitoring Station Reloop is proud to present the Wave

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RELOOP Wave 2-vägs aktiv DJ/producent-monitorhögtalare, par 

Active DJ & Producer Reference Monitoring Station 

Reloop is proud to present the Wave Monitoring Station - a practical monitoring powerhouse for every DJ and producer’s 

setup. The active reference monitor speakers are in a class of their own due to their precise playback and powerful rich 


Perfect reference monitors for DJs and Producers 

The innovative design makes them ideal for DJs monitoring live in the mix, and thanks to the linear frequency-response curve, 

producers will also appreciate the Reloop Waves series as reference monitor speakers for studio applications. 


With a total of three different inputs (XLR, 6.3 mm jack, and RCA) the flexibility on offer is unparalleled as different 

sources can be directly connected and monitored, eradicating annoying re-wiring or searching for switches in your cable set 


External Wave Controller 

But what really defines these speakers, as the ultimate monitoring station is the External Wave Controller. By accessing this 

solid control unit, it’s simple to command both speakers from the comfort of your desktop (connected via a link cable). With 

the extra large aluminium knob, the volume can be adjusted effortlessly, and via the Input Selector, it’s possible to 

quickly toggle between the 3 different inputs options (each clearly indicated by a glistening white LED on the front). A 

further switch can be used to set the station on stand-by, and with a push of a button, the output can be muted (LEDs will be 

dimmed depending on the status selected). 

Powerful rich sound 

Thanks to the variable EQ and frequency band adjustments, the Wave series can be instantly adapted to almost any room or 

situation without the need for a sub mixer. The smart tweeter construction has an especially wide audio beam in order to 

deliver outstanding sound to the listener from various positions, and strong magnetic drivers create the powerful rich sound 

demanded by the discerning DJs and producers of today. 

Highest quality components 

It’s importance to stress that while the speakers were in development, Relook strived for the highest quality components, 

fine-tuning, and sophisticated design. The result clearly speaks for itself. 

Aesthetics, versatility and performance are all masterfully combined in this exciting new desktop monitoring station. Welcome 

to Reloop Wave. 


• Active DJ & Producer Reference Monitoring Station 

• Professional 2-way active DJ & producer reference monitor speakers 

• Sturdy speaker finish in matte black 

• Large bass reflex port, optimized for deep, precise bass sound 

• 3 switchable inputs: symmetrical XLR, symmetrical 6.3 mm jack, asymmetrical RCA 

• Input select status LEDs on front side (XLR, 6.3 mm jack, RCA) 

• DIN connection for External Wave Control 

• Link cable connection for routing of External Wave Control 

• Freely selectable EQ settings: HF trim (+2dB/0dB/-2dB), acoustic space (0dB/-2dB/-4dB), LF cut-off (flat, 80 Hz, 100 Hz) 

• Input select button 

• Volume dial 

• Illuminated Relook sign for status display 

• Final amp module with cooling fins 

• Voltage selector switch with screwed cover 

• Low heat device socket with protection 

• External Wave Control 

• External monitor controller for input and volume adjustment 

• Solid, extra heavy housing design 

• Large volume dial made of aluminium 

• Standby button with mute mode 

• Input select switch 

• Status feedback LED 

• Extra long cable (3.5 mm) with mini-DIN plug 

Technical Data 

• Output capacity: RMS 70 W, max. 140 W 

• Input sensitivity/impedance: +0.5 dBu/20 kohm (XLR & 6.3 mm jack), -5.5 dBu/20 kohm (RCA) 

• Tweeter: 2.5 cm (1'') dome tweeter 

• Woofer: 20 cm (8'') paper cone woofer 

• Maximum acoustic pressure: 105dB rated, 90dB RMS 

• Frequency range: 20 Hz – 20 kHz (+/-3dB) 

• Inputs: 1x XLR (symmetrical), 1x 6.3 mm jack (symmetrical), 1x RCA (asymmetrical), 1x mini-DIN (controller) 

• Dimensions: (w) 250 x (h) 388 x (d) 310 mm (incl. cooling fin) 

• Weight: 9.5 kg (per speaker) 

• Incl. controller, link cable, mains cable, rubber feet