AudioBox Studio Ultimate Bundle 25th Ann Edition

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komplett inspelningslösning: Eris 3,5 studiomonitor, Audiobox USB 96 ljudkort, Presonus M7 kondensator mick, HD7 studiohörlurar mm ingår

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Artikelnummer: PRE-ABOX96 ULTIMATE 25TH


Complete recording solution: Just add a computer.

Start recording at up to 96 kHz today with the PreSonus AudioBox Studio Ultimate Bundle, a complete solution that provides everything you need to do professional-quality production at an amazing price. Record with the ultra-mobile AudioBox USB® 96 bus-powered, 2-channel USB 2.0 audio/MIDI interface; powerful, easy-to-use Studio One® Artist DAW software; and the Studio Magic Plug-in Suite, a cherry-picked collection from the leading names in virtual instruments and effects. Capture sound with the M7 large-diaphragm condenser mic and monitor with PreSonus’ Eris® E3.5 compact professional studio monitors and HD7 high-definition headphones.


 AudioBox USB® 96 audio/MIDI interface

 Studio One® Artist recording and production software (DAW) and Studio Magic Plug-in Suite

 Eris E3.5 compact, 2-way, active studio monitors

 HD7 studio monitoring headphones

 M7 studio condenser microphone and desktop tripod stand

 All required interconnect cables included