Dynacord TS400 Vertical Array

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DYNACORD Passiv, 2,5-vägs, full-range högtalare, 600 W RMS/4 ?, 74 - 20000 Hz 

The TS 400 is a compact, powerful and versatile loudspeaker system for mobile and installation applications. It can be used 

full range, or in active 2-way systems for applications requiring subwoofers. DYNACORD PSD 215 or PSD 218 powered subwoofers 

ideally allow for such active 2-way system combinations. 

Vertical pattern control is a requirement for highest sound quality and speech intelligibility, especially in difficult 

acoustic spaces. The TS 400 was designed to provide a very even and smooth coverage over a very wide bandwidth by using 

spaced and filtered woofers as array elements. The 2.5 way design places elements at the ends of the column for maximum 

distance to lower the effective controlled frequency. The MF-elements and the HF-element are placed in the middle of the 

cabinet for a smooth transition of the mids to the HF and to extend the coverage control. Each group of elements has its own 

band pass filter to optimize the array’s performance and its off-axis coverage. 

Separate protection circuits for the LF-, MF- and HF-elements are used to protect all transducers at the highest power 

levels. The TS 400 enclosure is aluminium for a very robust but lightweight design with a look that fits any environment. 


• High power multi-functional 2.5 way cabinet 

• 600 Watts / 4 Ohms 

• DH-3 Titanium diaphragm driver 

• CAD optimized 90 x 40 CD horn 

• 4 Neodymium DND 6130-16 woofers