Dynacord CMS 1000-3 - 10-kanalig mixerbord

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DYNACORD Mixer 6 Mik/linje + 4 Mik/stereolinjekanaler, 6 x AUX, USB,effekter/EQ

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Artikelnummer: CMS 1000-3

DYNACORD Mixer 6 Mik/linje + 4 Mik/stereolinjekanaler, 6 x AUX, USB,effekter/EQ 

Because of their comprehensive set of integrated features – like equalizer and effects units – the Compact Mixing Systems 

CMS 1000-3, CMS 1600-3 and CMS 2200-3 are professional mixers offering an optimized all-in-one solution for basically any 

application. DYNACORD CMS consoles are quickly set up. Complicated rack configuration and interference-prone wiring of 

several single components cease to apply. The mixer’s ergonomic console shape and clearly structured controls provide 

perfect overview for instant access at all times. Also during the transport you will quickly learn to appreciate the CMS’s 

superiority: recessed handles on the sides, compact dimensions and low weight, plus the sturdy cover (optional) that protects 

the controls from being damaged. However, if you would rather like to install your CMS 1000-3 in a 19” rack shelf, no 

problem. The only thing you have to do is to replace the plastic side panels by a pair of metal rack mount ears. Through its 

multiple functions, its high dynamic capacity, and extremely low-noise design in combination with its 24-bit Dual-Stereo 

effect unit and the DIGITAL AUDIO INTERFACE, the CMS is best equipped for universal use. 

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