Electro Voice ND96

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EV Sångmikrofon, dynamisk, superkardioid Exceptionally high gain-before-feedback — particularly effective on extremely loud stages. • Shock-mounted ca

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EV Sångmikrofon, dynamisk, superkardioid 

Exceptionally high gain-before-feedback — particularly effective on extremely loud stages. 

• Shock-mounted capsule minimizes handling noise: Low frequency bumps and thumps won’t get into the PA 

• Humbucking coil guards against line hum: Use with confidence near speaker cabinets and EMF-generating equipment racks 

• Memraflex grille resists denting: Durable tight-mesh grilles withstand extraordinarily rough treatment 

• High gain-before-feedback: ND96’s structural and acoustical functions allow the mic’s signal to be pushed through an 

incredibly loud ambient volume without risking feedback 

• Vocal presence emphasis switch: A selectable voice presence booster reduces certain low-mid frequency areas and emphasizes 

key upper-midrange vocal presence areas for a more profound vocal edge when driving the voice higher in the mix