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RELOOP RHP DJ/livsstilhörlurar, 10 Hz-20 kHz, smartphone The Reloop RHP-6 headphones are way more than stylish DJ accessories as, opposed to many other fas

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RELOOP RHP DJ/livsstilhörlurar, 10 Hz-20 kHz, smartphone 

The Reloop RHP-6 headphones are way more than stylish DJ accessories as, opposed to many other fashion and lifestyle 

headphones, they do not only emphasize looks. With outstanding sound characteristics, consistent design, and manufacturing 

that is intended for longevity, the RHP-6 are recommended as your faithful companion: Whether on a plane, the gym or on your 

way to the next gig, the Reloop RHP-6 is impressive thanks to wearing comfort and smart features and unlimited listening 


Small Construction Great Sound 

You will be surprised when putting on the RHP-6 for the first time. The amazingly powerful and transparent sound 

characteristics offer the highest listening pleasure without any restriction regarding mobility and wearing comfort. This is 

what lifestyle headphones can sound like: Pumping bass, harmonious mids and clear resolution supply a balanced acoustic 

pattern which will make your head nod - but do not worry, the RHP-6 fits like a second skin. 

Excellent Wearing Comfort 

The elastic and smooth net nylon brackets with sturdy aluminium bar offer safe stability that also allows spirited listening 

pleasure. Due to the RHP-6's lightweight construction and the comfortable water-repelling artificial leather surface you will 

get the perfect mixture of robust stability and wearing comfort. And if the RHP-6 is not used, they can be easily folded 

thanks to the retractable construction so you can put them in your jacket pocket without any problem. 

Smart Headphones 

Nothing is more fun than listening to music with a friend. Thanks to the music sharing function the RHP-6 offer the 

possibility to connect a second pair of headphones to check out the latest tracks when on the road with a friend. Moreover, 

the RHP-6 disposes of a Smartphone remote control incl. a mic - so you will always be reachable with optimal sound quality 

while you can control your playlist. 

A True Eye-Catcher 

With an absolute fresh design and love of detail, the RHP-6 is a true eye-catcher: Rubberized ear cups with rubber paint 

finish with bordered Reloop sign, sturdy textile cable as well as a padded and elastic nylon bracket. All components of the 

RHP-6 were adapted to the respective colour with differing accentuations that create an especially aligned look. 

Reloop RHP-6: Ear & Eye-Catcher 


• Ultra compact DJ and lifestyle headphones with deep bass, attuned mids and transparent highs 

• Closed construction 

• Smart retractable construction for easy transport 

• Classy rubber paint finish 

• Elastic headband with Climabsorb net nylon 

• Flat comfort construction: Ultra compact and lightweight for high wearing comfort 

• One-sided and break-proof textile cable 

• Music sharing function: A second pair of headphones can be connected for music routing 

• Incl. Smartphone control: Call and music control and mic for Smartphones 

• Compatible with common Smartphones such as iPhone, HTC, Blackberry that dispose of a 3.5 mm connection (two-way 

communication protocol) 

• All connections gold-plated, incl. 3.5 mm plug 

• Available in 7 colours: black, orange, green, yellow, blue, petrol, grey 

• iPhone is a registered trademark of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries 

Technical Data 


• Frequency range: 10 Hz - 20 kHz 

• Max. Input power: 100 mW 

• Impedance: 32 ohms +/-15% (bei 1 kHz, 1mW) 

• Driver unit: 38 mm 

• Acoustic pressure: 95 dB +/-3 dB (at 1 mW) 

• Speaker power: 1 mW 

• Connection: 3.5 mm jack (gold-plated) 

• Weight: 0.123 kg 


• Directivity: Omni-directional 

• Frequency range: 50 Hz - 16 kHz 

• Impedance: 8.2 kohm 

• Sensitivity: -62 dB +/-3 dB (@ 1 kHz) 

• S/N ratio: -58 dB