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IEAST Stereoförstärkare, 2x80W, bordstyp, WiFi, Multiroom AM160 Wireless Multi-Room Stereo Amplifier Creates a magic audio system for you Co

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Artikelnummer: STREAMAMP/AM160

IEAST Stereoförstärkare, 2x80W, bordstyp, WiFi, Multiroom 

AM160 Wireless Multi-Room Stereo Amplifier 

Creates a magic audio system for you 

Connects to your passive speakers Connects to passive speakers of proper power, iEAST StreamAmp AM160 will turn your traditional audio system into wireless, which allows you to control the wireless audio system in much more convenient way. 

Easy setup iEAST StreamAmp AM160 doesnot require technical or wireless expertise. Each Connect the iEAST StreamAmp AM160 to passive speakers in the room where you want to play music, connect to your home WiFi network with the iEAST Play application, which provides simple on-screen prompts and voice prompts. With several steps, you will be playing music in few minutes. 

Powerful WiFi digital amplifier delivers amazing sound in any room 

Built-in, powerful WiFi digital amplifier The iEAST StreamAmp AM160 powers passive speakers with 80W per channel. 

Class-D amplifier This small and lightweight amplifier is of great sound and energy efficient. 

Radiant cooling With the aluminum casing, the amplifier is kept cool by the heat sink inside instead of noisy fans, operates silently. 

Access to music resources 

Music streaming With the iEAST Play application, you can stream music from 

1) Cellphone memory; 2) USB flash driver and USB mobile HDD; 3) Home NAS network; 4) External analog audio Source input to StreamAmp AM160 and retransmitted to other room by multi-room control; 5) Popular online music services of millions of songs and thousands of radio stations, such as Spotify, Qobuz, Tidal, Pandora, vTuner, Napster, TuneIn, iHeartRadio etc.. (note: the online service availability varies by regions) 

This gives you a totally different experience without turning on computers in traditional way. 

Audio system control 

Control all your music with your smartphone, tablets Free iEAST Play applications for Android, iPhone, iPad and Mac let you comfortably control your audio system from the palm of your hand. Download the iEAST Play application of iOS version from App Store and Android version from Google Play. 

Multi-room control 1) Play the same song in every room in perfect sync. If you have multiple speakers that connect to StreamAmp AM160, You can easily group the devices and stream the same song to all rooms in perfect synchronization. 

2) Stream different songs to every room, at the same time You can tune into a radio station in kitchen, play a song from online music service to bedroom, stream local music from cellphone memory to living room in simultaneous way. 

Other amazing features 

Multi-zone control You can group different devices to different zones, each zone can play different songs. 

Choose channels You can choose left channel, right channel and stereo mode on the application, which can make you 

Sleep timer You can set the time on the application to turn off the streaming automatically in case you fall asleep or you only want to listen to music for certain time. This also makes your life more energy-saving. 

Alarm clock Set the alarm to wake up your favorite music or radio station automatically in one room or all rooms. 

Firmware upgrade 

New features and music services automatically delivered for free iEAST Play application will automatically notify you If there is new firmware with new features and music services. Globally, you can freely upgrade your firmware to the latest version. You only have to click one button, the system will update itself, and you will see on-screen prompts and hear voice prompts.


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