Dynacord LX 3000

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DYNACORD Förstärkare, 2x1500W @ 4 ohm, 2HE lättv. Klass H 

The new flagship of the LX series delivers a mighty 2 x 2100 watts into 2 ohms and 2 x 1500 watts into 4 ohms and therefore 

has plenty of headroom for large subwoofer arrays. With their outstanding operational security, which guarantees years of 

problem-free use, the amplifiers of the Linear Precision series are now the standard for a wide variety of full-range and 

multi-way loudspeakers systems in professional venues as diverse as theatres, stadiums, discotheques, clubs and concert 



• Extremely light and compact 

• High-Efficiency Class-H Design 

• 30% Dynamic Headroom 

• Highest reliability at 2 ohms 

• Comprehensive set of protective circuits 

• Dynamic audio limiter 

• Precise raster pots on the front panel 

• Constant-Gain with 32dB 

• Made in Germany 

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