Dynacord TS200

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DYNACORD Passiv, 2-vägs, full-range högtalare, 300 W RMS/8 ?, 90 - 20000 Hz 

The TS 200 is an extremely compact, two-way high performance loudspeaker, with a nominal power handling capacity of 300 W 

RMS, suitable for a multitude of highly demanding tasks. Its high SPL and precisely controlled coverage pattern make it a 

prime candidate for tasks far more challenging than any you would associate with a speaker of its size. Whether used as a 

full range fill or delay with larger systems or deployed in mobile applications as a medium-sized FOH system in combination 

with passive or active (e.g. PowerSub 312 or PSD 215) subwoofers, the TS 200 displays outstanding acoustic and mechanical 

performance. One of the physical benefits of the TS 200 is its weight. At less than 10 kg, it represents a dramatic advance 

in lightweight engineering in this class. Very high intelligibility even in acoustically problematic rooms is another of the 

great strengths of this loudspeaker. 


? High power multi-functional 2-way cabinet 

? 300 Watts / 8 ? 

? DH-3 Titanium diaphragm driver 

? Rotatable CAD optimized 90 x 40 CD horn 

? 2 x Neodymium DND 6130-16 woofer