Dynacord D8

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DYNACORD 2-vägs, passiv fullrangehögtalare, 8“/1“, 90° x 90°, 250 W, svart 

The D 8 is a lightweight, robust 8“/1”, 2-way plastic cabinet for professional sound reinforcement applications. With a 

variety of suspension accessories and conservative cosmetics, the D 8 is ideally suited to be used in demanding fixed 


The cabinet is manufactured from ABS and therefore is extremely resistant against abuse on the road. For low and mid 

frequencies a DYNACORD DND8200-8 neodymium transducer is used. The Electro-Voice DH3 driver is used for the projection of the 

high frequencies. The Constant-Directivity HF horn has been integrated into the baffle by CAD methods. The nominal coverage 

angle of the cabinet is 90°*90°, horizontal*vertical, respectively. 

Power handling of the cabinet is 250 W (rated) and 1000W (peak). The maximum sound pressure level is 124 dB; the frequency 

range of the D 8 is from 65Hz to 20kHz. The D 8 is ideally suited for applications as full-range cabinet or as Mid-Hi cabinet 

in high-performance small-format active and passive satellite systems. 

Every transducer is protected against short-term thermal overload with thermal cut-out switches and halogen protectors In 

case of a potential thermal overload the power applied to the speakers is reduced to a safe level. The protection exhibits 

‘soft’ switching characteristics, so no annoying clicks or pops are audible. The circuitry automatically resets after the 

voice coil temperature has reached a safe value. 

Extremely durable acoustic foam mounted to a strong powder-coated steel grille protects the loudspeaker components against 

any mechanical damage. The trapezoidally shaped enclosure also allows employing the cabinet in monitoring applications. A 

stable, integrated carrying handle and the integrated stand socket for pole-mount stands allow easy transportation and 

set-up. A protective cover is available as an optional accessory. 

The U-TK transformer kit converts our low impedance loudspeakers into high impedance speakers. Fitted with the transformer 

kit you can use our high-performance speakers in all fixed installations requiring 70 V or 100V loudspeaker lines.