Dynacord PowerSub 212

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DYNACORD 2x12" Active Subwoofer, 900 Class-D Amp, 40 Hz - 130 Hz, 120 X-Over 

The PowerSub 212 is an extremely compact, high powered subwoofer with 2x 12" Woofers and 2x 200 W RMS / 2x 400 W max. output 

power amplifiers. 

The integrated stereo crossover also supports the creation of active 3-way systems with Mono-Sub and active full range 

cabinets. The PowerSub 212 is the ideal partner for devices like the D 8A or D 11A and convinces with a deep bass foundation. 

The Frequency-range is 40 Hz - 130 Hz and the maximum SPL is 127 dB / 1m. 

Small dimensions, a weight of only 39,5 kg and four smooth-running casters are provided for easier transport and safe 


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